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How to Play


Understanding your customers and knowing what motivates them to choose you over your competitors is the key to a successful and profitable business.

We spend a great deal of our time learning about your customers first. This research shapes our design choices - colour, typography, composition, layout, medium and so on.

For example, we will stay clear of small type set in yellow, if we know that your target market is baby boomers. Here is why:

“Human eyes begin to falter at about age of forty, and even healthy ones are usually impaired by their sixties. With age, three main ocular events take place: The lens becomes more rigid and the muscles holding it weaken, meaning you can’t focus on small type; the cornea yellows, which changes how you perceive colour; and less light reaches your retina, meaning the world looks a little dimmer than it once did.”

[Paco Underhill, 1999. Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping. Edition 2009, p.138]