Problems We Solve

  • Unsure how to solve a marketing problem like graphic design, branding, social media, web, advertising or something similar?
  • Unsure how to develop and execute a marketing campaign?
  • Unsure how to best invest in marketing?
  • Unsure how to plan, organise and implement your marketing?

It's all OK! Greenlamp can assist you. We help organisations solve many diverse marketing problems. To help you, we have listed some common problems below and sorted them based on where they typically originate from - customers, your company or competitors. Consider your organisation's situation then explore each of the three categories. Do any problems look familiar? If they do, then Greenlamp can help you and your organisation.


  • No marketing knowledge, skills or resources within your organisation
  • Need to improve or change your organisation's perception
  • Your organisation suffers from low levels of brand or service awareness
  • Customers experience confusion or misunderstand your organisation's service offering
  • Uncertain how to best use marketing to help achieve organisational objectives
  • Unsure where to invest your marketing budget


  • Need to attract new or more customers
  • Flat or continual decline in revenue
  • Revenue dependence risk (highly dependent on just a few customers for most of your revenue)
  • Poor or limited customer loyalty
  • Small average spend per customer
  • Launching a new service to existing customers
  • Planning growth into a new market
  • Suffering from seasonal or cyclical revenue fluctuations


  • Experiencing new or greater competition in the marketplace
  • Wanting to proactively avoid potential competitive threats
  • Wishing to avoid a price or discount war
  • Competitors stealing or poaching your customers
  • Other industries drawing away customers from your organisation