Our Process

Like to know how Greenlamp works with clients?

Below is the typical process that we follow.

1. Meeting

When contacted, Greenlamp first determines if it can help solve your organisation's marketing problem. If we can help, we'll then meet you face-to-face to chat, brainstorm and plan out a solution process. If we can't help, we honestly explain why and then point you in the right direction – simple business courtesy. Your cost up until this point is zero.

2. Planning

Your organisation and Greenlamp agree to work together. Next, we develop a project plan that clearly outlines our proposed solution. At this stage your organisation gets to confirm, change or further clarify what it needs and wants. A couple of rounds of tweaking may occur before your organisation happily signs off on the final plan.

3. Doing

Your organisation and Greenlamp now have a clear plan. Next, we deliver the agreed solution. This could involve developing a strategic marketing plan, creating and managing a marketing campaign, improving your firm's digital presence, re-branding, crafting a new image for your organisation or developing promotional content.

4. Evaluating

At Greenlamp we are strong believers in measurement and marketing metrics. Depending on the work done for your organisation, at this stage we measure and evaluate the marketing solution so we can discover what has worked, what hasn't and what can be improved. It's all about learning for the future.

5. Continuing

Many organisations prefer to have an ongoing long-term relationship with Greenlamp. There are two reasons why. First, our clients often want to call upon us whenever something marketing pops up. Second, many of our clients realise that investing in marketing is a virtuous cycle. Lessons from previous marketing campaigns and strategies must be carried forward into future marketing initiatives and this can only be achieved if an organisation has an ongoing relationship with Greenlamp.