Our Approach

At Greenlamp we work one-on-one with organisations to create fluid marketing solutions.

It is common for us to have enduring relationships with our clients; they love the work we do! Ongoing relationships are also fabulous for Greenlamp because we get to intimately understand the unique marketing needs of clients and then create enduring solutions.

Fluid Marketing Solutions

  1. There are four aspects to Greenlamp's fluid marketing solutions that allow us to generate great marketing outcomes.
    Intelligent marketing involves identifying which specialised marketing experts (i.e. PR, social media, market research, etc.) your organisation needs. We have the expertise and skills to help you select the best solutions.
  2. Matching the skills of a specialised marketing expert with your organisation's unique needs is critical! As an example, two different graphic designers may have very different styles, but only one designer may suit your firm. Greenlamp has a great network of niche experts that we call upon to ensure we get the best fit for your organisation.
  3. Integrating the different areas of marketing seamlessly together for the communication benefit of your organisation is vital! Solid marketing strategy, marketing leadership and strong project management skills are required; Greenlamp are experts at this.
  4. We will never sell marketing solutions to clients if they don't need them. Within Greenlamp, we deliberately avoid retaining an army of in-house specialised marketing experts (i.e. PR, social media, market research, etc.). Many full-service marketing agencies have a vast army of in-house marketing specialist who must be kept busy to justify their employment. As a result, these agencies continuously attempt to upsell extra marketing services and solutions to clients who simply don’t need them. With Greenlamp's fluid marketing solutions you will never be sold marketing stuff you don't need – period!