Our Story

A green banker's lamp. There was a time when you had to physically visit a bank. Your local bank used to be a place of face-to-face service. Banks still serve us today, they just do it in… well, very different ways. Think phone banking, the web, smartphones, stuff like that. Times change, ways of delivering services change but at its heart, good service hasn't changed. In fact, great service has become more important!

These days China makes most of the stuff Australians consume, but the fact is Aussies still provide most of our services. Whether you are buying accounting, dining, taxi or building services the reality is we provide and we consume most of our own services. Almost 80% of Australia's GDP is generated by the services sector; service businesses also employ 85% of the Australian workforce.

Greenlamp was formed in 2012 with the primary purpose of helping Australian service businesses. Greenlamp's objective is to help Australian service businesses create intelligent marketing solutions that change customer behaviour, drive growth and increase revenue. At the core of Greenlamp's passion for service businesses is the challenge associated with marketing intangible, abstract and often complex service offerings.

Services also sit well with Greenlamp's core values. We live in a world where modern society consumes way too much physical stuff. Economies driven by a desire to consume more physical stuff have driven the world to the brink of ecological disaster. Services, on the other hand, can often be produced and consumed over and over again with far less environmental impact. We believe that the future of western economies must be driven by customers consuming service experiences rather than physical stuff. We owe it to the planet and to future generations to promote a service driven economy; Greenlamp wants to do its bit.